What Is The Kids Car Club?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that kids are seen at age 7. The reason is because we can identify a lot of issues at that young age, but a lot of times, the kids are not quite ready for braces.

So one way we’ve found of keeping up with children who aren’t ready for treatment, but who still need to be observed and monitored for growth and development is this Kids’ Car Club that we’ve developed.

It’s kind of in line with a passion that I have as an amateur car racer. I’ve been doing it for about a decade now, so I thought it would be fun to tie in something fun that I’m involved with, and make it interesting for the kids as well!

The Comella Orthodontics Kids Car Club is an absolutely free program, and t’s just a fun way to interact with our office. We give you a license plate and a t-shirt. We give you the opportunity to earn point sand prizes by attending other events in the office like the Bike Club, parties for Trevor, Halloween parties. These events are all point-earning opportunities. We just want to reward people for being involved in the practice, so we can monitor oral health and watch teeth over the years. Plus, it’s a fun experience!

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