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Virtual Consults

Virtual Consultations From Anywhere

As we continually improve your experience at Comella Orthodontics, we find it important to be easily accessible for our new and existing patients. In a world of busy schedules, web and mobile interaction is becoming ever more valuable. You can do your initial consultation and many other visits from the comfort of your home if you have a webcam on your computer.

Why We Love Virtual Consults

  • From the comfort of your home or office we will evaluate your concerns and review your treatment options
  • No need to take time off from work, it can be done within 20 minutes on your lunch break
  • Your children will not need to miss school for an in-person consultation, you can attend for them virtually
  • It is convenient for busy professionals, parents and for travelers; you can attend a consultation from most anywhere

Get Started Today

A simple series of photos of your teeth will be necessary for your consultation and can quickly be sent with your phone. Please complete and submit the virtual consultation request form or fill out an in-office consult instead.

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