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Orthodontist Straightens Teeth with new Procedure

"Orthodontist Straightens Teeth with new Procedure" Democrat & Chronicle (July 2014)

Orthodontist Creates New International Training Program

"Orthodontist Creates New International Training Program" Brighton-Pittsford Post (July 2014)

American Orthodontist Offers the Harmony Expert Program

"American Orthodontist Offers the Harmony Expert Program" Orthodontic Products (July 2014)

Dr. Comella is Dually Trained

"Dr. Comella is Dually Trained" American Orthodontics

our team

"Rochester Orthodontist Develops First Training Program for Lingual Braces in North America" Roc It Out (June 2014)

coolest teacher award

"Coolest Teacher Contest" Victor Post (July 2013)

incognito lingual braces

"Incognito Appliance System" Faces and Smiles Dental (2011)