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Meet Dr. Brandon Comella


Dr. Comella is a native Rochesterian and graduated from RL Thomas Webster High School. Thereafter, he entered the US Air Force for a four-year tour which took him to Texas, South Korea, and Mississippi. It was was in the Air Force that he started his path in dentistry through his training and work as a dental lab technician. At this time, he also learned to fly aircrafts, and earned his pilot’s license.

Following his tour in the US Air Force, Dr. Comella earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering. His education in the field of mechanical engineering laid a perfect foundation for entering the field of dentistry. He then completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery and specialized degree in orthodontics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Dr. Comella opened his own private practice in 2005. Comella Orthodontics has grown to be one of the top orthodontic practices in the country. When you meet Dr. Comella, you instantly see, not only, his passion for orthodontics, but his goal of creating an incredible patient experience. He is an extremely down-to-earth person, with an exceptional ability to obtain the best smile possible for his patients.

Dr. Comella is one of the premier providers of lingual braces (braces that are placed out of sight, behind-the-teeth), as well as conventional, visible, braces. He is viewed as a leader in his field, and lectures around the world and at many esteemed orthodontic educational departments around the country.

When you enter the doors of Comella Orthodontics, you are greeted with a friendly smile, and treated with genuine compassion. Dr. Comella and his staff pride themselves on making sure that the experiences of each patient is positive and fun.

Assisting him in the process is Trevor, Dr. Comella’s dog. Trevor is a 12 year old Shiba Inu that regularly comes to the office. Make sure to say hi to Trevor when you stop in - he will probably be sleeping on the floor!

Most recently, Dr. Comella developed the Behind-the-Teeth Expert Program. An in-office course that he developed to train orthodontists, and their teams, how to best utilize lingual braces in order to offer their patients superior results. Orthodontists from around the country travel to Rochester to attend this specialized two-day course which includes a lecture on day one, and a hands-on in-office experience on day two. This course is a fantastic way for Dr. Comella to further share his experience and expertise.

In his spare time, Dr. Comella is an extensive traveler, and avid adventure seeker. He loves scuba diving, amateur car racing, skiing, flying airplanes, and also plays the piano.