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Meet Dr. Brandon Comella

When you meet Dr. Comella you will instantly see he loves everything about being an Orthodontist. He is respected by his patients, their families, and collegues as being a real down-to-earth person with an exceptional ability to achieve the best result attainable. You’re greeted with a friendly smile each and every visit and treated with compassion that is genuine. It is his goal to make sure your experience with Comella Orthodontics is one full of pleasure and also leads to the best smile imaginable. Dr. Brandon Comella grew up in Webster, NY and graduated from R.L. Thomas Webster High. After high school, he entered the US Air Force for a four-year tour which took him from Texas to South Korea and then Mississippi. It was there he developed his passion for dentistry while working as a dental lab technician for the Air Force Dentists. He also ventured into flying and obtained his pilot’s license.

After an amazing tour in the Air Force, he transferred into RIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering knowing this degree is a perfect for an Orthodontist. There he completed a Bachelor and Masters of Science degree in mechanical engineering while continuing to work as a dental lab technician for Roy Epstein Dental Lab in Webster.

He subsequently studied dentistry and continued his PhD in Engineering at the State University of New York in Buffalo. In 2001, he graduated from the dental program and started his career in orthodontics.

Since then he has spent time at Rochester Institute of Technology mentoring senior engineering students with developing a solution to a defined orthodontic engineering problem.

Due to his background in orthodontics and engineering he is currently a Key Opinion Leader for 3M. He has extensive background in the use of 'Behind the Teeth" braces called Incognito by 3M Unitek. He teaches orthodontists all over the country on Incognito and how to use this most cutting edge system in the world.

Locally he also lectures on Current Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, where he demonstrates what can be done using the most advanced technological systems available. If you would like to learn more about his lecture topics and times, click the Lecture heading to the left. All 3-D CAD models, photos and radiographs are from his large collection of patient treatment records.

In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano, flying, mountain biking, scuba diving, travel, dinner and laughs with friends, and playing with his dog Trevor!

Enjoying Scuba in Cozumel

El Crustacion - ok a Lobster

A Beautiful Sea Turtle, Let us get so close to her while she ate

What a face :)

SHARK!!!! EEEK....Slow Deep Breaths, Relax. A Nurse Shark, fairly harmless


Showing off my scraped knee, not from a bike accident but from slipping through the trusses on the train bridge in the distance. IDIOT!

Pre-Dive Picture in Hawaii with my good friend Dr. Dan Ryan and some lady with a clipboard.

The Boat ride out to the dive site in Hawaii

Brother and I

My brother Robert and I standing aboard the USS Wisconsin. This is the Naval battleship my father served on when he was in the Navy. This ship is now docked and out of comission at Norfolk, VA. Was kind of emotional for me to stand where he did then.

My Brother Rob Comella in Iraq, 101st Airbourne Army Division

My Great Niece, Juliana and I. She is such a cutie.

An Unsucessful Flight of my Model Airplane...my so-called friend Mark couldn't keep from laughing. I'll attribute that to electronic failure...or not.

OH THE THINGS A MOTHER WILL DRESS US IN. This is me and my twin sister Kerri...inseperable then and now. She now is my right hand assistant here in the practice.

My Parents in the center (the best mom and dad), Me and My sisters