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6 Month Braces



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We understand your desire for a perfect smile that is quick and affordable; however, we want to make sure you avoid resorting to the now popular, quick fix option of ‘6 Month Smiles’ provided by general dentists. As a trained specialist, Dr. Comella is effective, efficient and moves teeth all day long, as opposed to the tooth filling doctor. He has seen countless patients enter our office with significant and unhappy consequences from their dentist incorrectly moving their teeth.  Dr. Comella has created a treatment option at a cost less than ‘6 Month Smiles’ (we call our option, ‘6 Month Braces!’) in order to satisfy your need for fast and inexpensive treatment. This option will enable you to start with the ‘6 Month Smiles’ finish line in mind, but we give you the option to extend treatment beyond the 6 month time frame to continue CORRECTLY improving your smile.

Avoid making this potentially irreversible mistake and seek a no fee consultation to review your situation in detail.  Dr. Comella will review your bite and show you comparable scenarios treated in our office so that you can fully understand the benefit of treatment by a trained professional. You will be provided the best options to ensure your complete happiness and long term dental health.