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'Show Your Smile' Program!

We know that there is no better feeling than showing off your new, braces-free smile to the world! Our new 'Show your Smile' program allows our newly debonded patients to do just that while also getting PAID for it!

When your braces come off, post a picture of yourself as a 'before and after' on either facebook or instagram!

Be sure to tag Comella Orthodontics in the description of the photo (type "Comella Orthodontics" on Facebook and choose us from the drop down menu of your 'liked' pages OR type @comellaortho on instagram). When we see your photo, we will send you a $20 gift cardin the mail! It's that simple.

As if that weren't awesome enough, at the end of each month, we'll do a drawing to win the "after party" of the month, an event for you and your friends to celebrate your new smile. Each month, the "after party" will be something new and fun!

Remember- If you don't tag us, we won't know that you've participated! 

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